I found a box of home movies at the Thrift Store, one of the reels contained this footage of a long ago drag race. The cans of film are dated from 1957 to 1965 but the contents are mixed up so I don't know when this was shot. I found them in So. California, I don't know where it was filmed. One can has the name Bob Lehman written on it, I presume the original owner, one of the Dragsters has a name on it, you can't see it in this video because it's out of focus at first but it's legible on the film. I'll have to look it up and see if I can find out any information on it. At the very end there is some footage of kids playing some sort of game trying to knock each other out of a circle. The video flickers badly, this is due to the difference between the frame rate of the film (16-24 fps) and the camera (29fps) 16FPS is correct for this silent film but about half way through I switched it to 24fps to reduce the flicker.

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  1. where are you and what store/...what town?

  2. cool drag race but what the crap was that at the end

  3. i just received a phone call from a friend telling me that there was a home movie of scottys dragster on you tube.after 10 years of searching i found this dragster in almost complete condition out in palm springs,ca. i bought it and have been been restoring it using many pictures that ive collected over the years, its a great car that was owned by a great man. p,s a friend of mine owns his belly tanker that was the first american car to go over 200 m.p.h. at the bonneville salt flats in 1953.

  4. Hello Vintagetvs..... Thanks for posting this video. Charles Scott is my Grandfather. He was a wonderful man and my hero. I am hoping to find more stuff about him out there in the future. Please let me know if you have anymore footage.
    George Scott Jr.

  5. I got a new Flip camera for Christmas so I might try again soon and see if it looks better.

  6. I wondered. My old camera didnt take the best pictures but there wasnt any flicker. Better luck next time. Still great pics though.

  7. It looks like this because I used a digital video camera with a different frame rate than the Film, also projecting it on the wall doesn't help.

  8. this is the worst 16mm (fake) film I've ever seen. I'm 64 and I had an 16mm camera and its nothing like this. C'mom

  9. do you know who there of i can probobly tell you my grandfather ran flathead fuel back then.

  10. want to sell them?? 541-992-1029

  11. was Scotty's white T Bucket Prior to 1957?

  12. 1:55 - Scotty's Muffler from San Bernadino, its the black dragster throughout your film. You can find clearer images of it online.

  13. cool!!! finding this stuff is neat!!! good deal!!