I thought you would like a look at this wicked 67 Chevy Nova SS Pro Street. It's equipped with everything you need to go fast like: 383 Stroker Small-block with Eagle crank and rods, Lunati cam, Edelbrock Victor Jr Air Gap Intake, 750 Demon Carb, Two-stage nitrous system, 2spd powerglide trans, and a built Ford 9" Rear with 5.14 gears. It also has a set of racing seats with harnesses, a 14 point roll cage, and Wilwood Disc brakes. This car is slick all the way around and will definitely turn some heads. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate it. hot rod muscle car show car real flames nitrous rat rod collector car vintage classic
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  1. @swift101063 It is a pretty wicked Nova. Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Shit looks mean man

  3. @racer4560 Roadking knew you'd like this one.....thanks for checking it out!

  4. come to lil racer! 8)

  5. @ziggassedup With two stages of nitrous on a built 383 stroker and a 4500 stall convertor, I'm sure it launches plenty hard. I'd really like to know what it actually runs in the quarter mile. Thanks for checking it out!

  6. I really like cars that have all the parts they need...so if that nova "needs" those wheelie bars it's got to have a shit load of Hp and a mountain of torque.!!..Nice.

  7. @HALLSYSKITCHEN It really is a mean looking Nova.....thanks for having a look at it!

  8. that black with those flames is awesome...great video...thumbs up!!!

  9. @tazzpower hahaha.......but you know, you are right about that. It is one slick car. Thanks for watching!

  10. That is on Super Nova! yeah i said it.

  11. @FatGuyWithAKatana I was just talking to my son about the flashlight. I think I'll start carrying one with me. At the end, I backed right into a pole.....better than backing into a $100,000 car I guess. Thanks for watching!

  12. do you know a jason floyd? he was one of my best bud's down here and then his shit head grandparents moved to st louis. think... napoleon dynamite with a buzz cut. when we were in high school at first he knew more about cars than me, then i got all interested and i'd be talking to him and he'd be like "what's a boxer engine?" that thing is mean lookin'. ya need a flashlight for the interior view. i wanna see it do a pass on the 1320. almost trip over nothing at the end there? lol

  13. @RamblinAround yah totally right about that one (wow i just drulld actually over a car )

  14. @josderedneck22 Thanks for checking it out Jos. It really is a beauty! Should be plenty fast too!

  15. @805ROADKING It's definitely one of the nicest that I've seen in quite a while. Someone spent some serious money on that car. They did a great job on the real flames. Thanks for checking it out!

  16. @iamproudtobeajew It really is a mean looking car. They used all the best parts when they were putting it together and that paint is sweet. Thanks for checking it out!

  17. @pulse0000 It really is a wicked car and that paint makes it even better. Thanks for having a look at it!

  18. @MyAussieDay They definitely did an excellent job on those flames. Thanks for checking it out!

  19. dayammmmmmmmmmm wow sick carrrrr love it (i NEEEEED it lol ) butiful peace !
    great vid

  20. Awesome car,love the real flames paint job on it.

  21. That is an awesome car, Jeff.
    Love the flames.
    Someone did a great job painting them on.
    The price is not too high considering all the features.
    Great Chevy.
    Mike W.

  22. Man that's over the top!! That paint job is sick!! Lil Racer will like this vid, he loves those little Box Novas!!☺

  23. really nice car Jeff !!! really like those airbrush flames on it ! thats not done be some idiot ! hahaha very slick all around too ! awesome.

  24. The color with those flames, Looks Hot.