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  1. this guy is great, he is so clear and to the point when he explains his methods. I am sure he can teach a monkey how to do this. great!! editing too. kudos greg!!!!

  2. @oldsmobilcherrybomb Yep and no cure,destroys the liver and renal system

  3. that earns a smoke!

  4. Why on earth don't you use a spot welder? Quicker, easier, no panel distortion and no need to linish off the weld bead afterwards. Gives a factory look too.

  5. Why on earth don't you use a spot welder? Quicker, easier, no panel distortion and no linishing off the weld bead afterwards. Gives a factory look too.

  6. This would be my dream job...Looking for an apprentice?

  7. wheres the muscle car????

  8. The ol Rustang. I have a 71 Chevelle So Cal car. Some surface rust but no serious cancer. It needs a full patch on one side as a result of being hit. The other side needs a lower rear patch where the water sprays back in the lip. Bout the size of a quarter. Can you recommend any panels and should it be tig or mig welded?

  9. i think it would be much easier to build up new car than replacing 80% of old rusty parts with new ones...

  10. the fumes brake cleaner give off when welding are deadly. so it works for cleaning metal but you need to wash it off afterwords

  11. @pooacc WD-40 is a great product if used properly but it is one of the worst things to apply to metal that you are going to paint.. do not spray WD-40 on bare metal that you will be painting.

  12. is WD-40 ok to spray on bare metal?

  13. @KFCHambone more importantly it depends on car.


    I think you are right.
    Still uses an inert gas though, so the point is still true. :)

  15. Thats a MIG not a TIG

  16. no...... in this state it doesnt.I dont know where you live but call your local dmv and they could tell you.

  17. if i restore a car does that mean I would have a salvaged title

  18. You should look up the "A Car is Reborn" then, where they restore an old Jaguar E-type.

    It's pretty long since it was originally aired in 10 episodes on Discovery Channel (about 25 minutes each), so I recommend finding a torrent and download it. Though I think it's on Youtube as well.

    Offcourse it's not all platework, but still fascinating stuff.

  19. I agree. i admre anyone who does detailed sheetmetal work like this....it takes a lot of talent and skill, and he's good at it.

  20. Ah, fair enough. shit happens, don't worry about it.

    At least it seems the guy here isn't stupid at all. :)

  21. I didn't realize there was no tank in the car, my mistake....sorry about that. I would have been very worried had there been a tank in the car, with the cig burning in his mouth.

  22. Well, Meccaturbo beat me to it, there's no gas tank on the car, and the gas used by the welder cannot blow up .. so nothing to go boom.

    Have I missed something? What other gas tanks are you talking about ?

  23. Still can cause a huge fire....Argon won't stop a TIG from catching gas fumes on fire. What planet are you from?

  24. @meccaturbo no gas tank bro

  25. Considering it's a TIG welder, the inert gas he's using it probably Argon gas, which is also used to put out fires in server rooms.

    Not bloody likely it will ever catch fire. XD