www.newworldseedcompany.com Here's a video showing the progression of my 1984 Toyota pick-up 4wd Xtra-cab from the $500 beater it was when I got it to how it looks now. If you're interested in more details check out my article and photogallery at the link above or e-mail me at hactick@newworldseedcompany.com Thanks to my dad for all the help and thanks to you for watching.

7 Responses

  1. If you know anybody with a roll bar on the west coast let me know.

  2. Should have painted it black. It's not that far off, at this point, from being a BTTF clone.

  3. looks great im painting my 84 this summer. ivan stewart theme with the stripes on the side.

  4. Now that was a great job,the gentlemen doing the painting knows his stuff!! Wish he could paint mine!!!! Trisha........

  5. how much did it cost to paint it?

  6. Wow, I cannot believe the difference! Your truck looks amazing. I am excited to see it.


  7. That was awesome. Nice job Carson. You have to send more. I'll try to get some up also.

    Nice job